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Deezer's "Artist-Centric" Streaming Model

A Win for Artists and Fans Alike

In a transformative move for the music streaming industry, the French music streaming app, Deezer, has collaborated with Universal Music Group (UMG) to introduce an innovative "artist-centric streaming model". This initiative is set to reshape the streaming landscape, addressing long-standing concerns of artists regarding fair compensation and offering fans a more authentic music experience.

Platform Details:

AMPLIFY: Prioritizing Artist Recognition Deezer's new model is designed to better reward artists, especially those who have dedicated followings. When a user specifically selects a song, the artist receives a higher payout, while songs played as part of algorithmic playlists will have a slightly reduced payout. This approach not only diminishes the dominance of algorithmic programming but also celebrates artists who have cultivated a loyal fanbase.

SUPPORT: A Fairer Financial Model The music industry has been rife with discussions about the financial challenges artists face due to streaming services. Deezer's model seeks to address this by offering "professional" artists a higher payment if they garner at least 1,000 streams from 500 unique listeners in a month. This combined effort from Deezer and UMG is poised to revolutionize an industry where artists have often felt short-changed by streaming platforms.

CONNECT: Championing Authentic Music Experiences Deezer's CEO, Jeronimo Folgueira, emphasized the company's commitment to putting music first, offering fans a high-quality experience and advocating for fairness in the industry. He highlighted the need to value each piece of content appropriately, ensuring that artists are recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

A Glimpse into Deezer's Impact With approximately 9.4 million subscribers, Deezer stands as the sixth-largest paid subscription service, boasting a vast catalog of around 200 million songs. However, it's worth noting that only a small fraction of artists on Deezer, about 2%, have more than 1,000 unique monthly users. As part of their commitment to enhancing the music experience, Deezer and UMG are also implementing measures to combat fraudulently uploaded content and minimize non-artist noise on the platform.


Deezer's "artist-centric" streaming model is a testament to the platform's dedication to both artists and fans. By championing artists' rights and ensuring they receive fair compensation, while also offering fans a more genuine music experience, Deezer is setting a new standard in the music streaming industry. Read more here.

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